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Wiltshire information sharing charter

The Wiltshire Information Sharing Charter (WiSC) assists in the lawful and integrated sharing of information between partner organisations for the residents of Wiltshire.  

The WiSC will establish consistent and robust protocols and becoming a partner member gives reassurance that each partner is working by the same process. 

WiSC aims to provide the foundation for the sharing of personal information between partner members in the public, private or voluntary sector organisations. This is achieved by common commitment to principles and processes which support fair and lawful sharing of personal information to enable partner organisations to meet their statutory obligations, and in doing so, to facilitate integrated service provision across the county, and delivery of improved service provision for our residents.

The WiSC members will adopt a common set of standards including a Personal Information Sharing Agreement (PISA) format which details the reasoning, legal basis, frequency and signed authorisation by those parties undertaking to share specific data, under the common standards set out in the charter.

Any organisation signed up to the charter is provided with access to a toolkit of such documents and advice to assist information sharing within their organisation and across partner organisations.

Icon for pdf The Charter [694.04KB]

Icon for pdf Sign Up Form   [282.33KB]

Personal Information Sharing Agreement (PISA)

Icon for pdf PISA Template [462.98KB]

Information Sharing Toolkit

Icon for pdf Information Sharing on Solid Foundations [420.92KB]

Icon for pdf Lawful Basis and Legal Framework [391.35KB]

Icon for pdf Safe and Secure Transfer of Information [398.92KB]

Icon for pdf Fair Processing Notices and Consent [418.72KB]

Icon for pdf Data Protection Impact Assessments [439.49KB]

Icon for pdf Personal Information Sharing Agreement [283.28KB]

Icon for pdf Access To Personal Information for Individuals [300.24KB]

Icon for pdf Data Breach Management [337.15KB]

Icon for pdf Information Sharing Checklist [130.56KB]

Icon for word Data Protection Impact Assessment Template [183.46KB]

WiSC Membership

Icon for excel Register of Partners (Details) [53.15KB]