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Operational flood working groups

Wiltshire Flood & Winter Preparedness Event

24 and 25 November 2020

Join us on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 November for advice and information on how Wiltshire and its partners are prepared, how our services work and how they can help your community be more resilient.

Many thanks to our statutory partners, other agencies and colleagues within the council who have contributed to this event.

  • Communities Prepared
  • Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue
  • Environment Agency
  • Network Rail
  • SSEN
  • Wessex Water
  • Shaw & Whitley Volunteer Group

Shaw & Whitley Volunteer Group

For those of you who may not have attended any of our previous training or seminars, welcome - it's a little different this year, and thank you for joining us. We have put one link in to cover the whole day, so all you need to do is to click on the link on the day, at the time of the event/s you wish to attend.  Flood warden training events on Tuesday evening, Wednesday lunchtime and Thursday evening have their own links.  These sessions are now open so please click on the relevant links to register. 

Tuesday 24 November - Schedule of Events

Join online

Alternatively you can dial into the event on 01225 694894 and input the phone conference ID: 656 800 390

10amWelcome to the Event - Mike Hewitt, Chairman of the Southern Operational Flood Working Group and Cllr for the Bourne & Woodford Valley.
10:30 amAll things drainage, Danny Everett, Principal Drainage Officer - schemes, works, budgets and what we've been doing during lockdown.
12 noonMark Howells, Senior Drainage Engineer Network Rail South West - joint working on telemetry projects with the Environment Agency for Hancocks Water & Westbury Park in Royal Wootton Bassett and Corsham Aqueduct. The £1 million investment at Melksham Station to restore a functional drainage system giving the line between Thingley Junction and Bradford upon Avon better resilience during wet weather.
2:30pmSarah Kelly & Chris Manuel our very own Emergency Planners on Community Emergency Plans
6pmFlood Warden training Parts 1 & 2 If your new to your role, haven't done any training or want a refresher join Imogen, Paul, Lisa and Renate for interactive training. Please use register for the training via Eventbrite: Flood Volunteer Parts 1 & 2: Wiltshire Winter Preparedness Online Event


Wednesday 25 November - Schedule of Events

Join online

Alternatively you can dial into the event on 01225 694894 and input phone conference ID: 526 951 845

10:30amMatthew Kiddell, National Resilience Co-ordinator, Dorset & Wiltshire Fire & Rescue. Supporting local incidents, how to keep safe and what you as flood wardens and volunteers need to know during a pandemic and what to incorporate in a flood or emergency plan.
12:30pmSnow Plans - Which roads are gritted, how do we clear snow, and can we be sued and how can we be safe? Things to consider when drawing up a plan, Imogen, Paul, Renate and  Adrian Hampton. Please register for the training via Eventbrite: Snow Volunteer: Wiltshire Winter Preparedness Online Event.
2pmLand Drainage & Ordinary Watercourse and Ditches, a thorny and sometimes difficult subject - brush up with Richard to learn why they are important and help with your role in reducing flood risk - a dry subject!
3pmMissing the "stinky" flood box, what can you do with these "wellies" and random shouts from the crowd of "Rats" and "Weil's Disease"? Do you know your flood alerts from your flood warnings and how many dogs does Renate really have and are they of use in a flood? A light-hearted quiz for flood wardens and volunteers from Henry and Renate
6pmCo-ordinator training - more than one flood warden, spontaneous volunteers, what to do and things to consider in your plan. Imogen, Paul, Renate. Please register for the training via Eventbrite: CEV Coordinator: Wiltshire Winter Preparedness Online Event.

Videos and Presentations

There will also be a number of presentations available throughout the two days demonstrating what Wiltshire Council and our partners have been up to and also giving you all the latest information. 

  • Presentation: planning process, flood risk and drainage - notes for parish councils: read the presentation Icon for pdf Planning, flood and drainage information for parish councils [1.89MB]
  • Groundwater and groundwater flooding in Wessex with Guy Parker from the Environment Agency: Watch the video YouTube: Groundwater flooding in Wessex.
  • Whistle stop Wiltshire parts 1 and 2: a two-part video taking a trip around both the river Avons that rise in Wiltshire, the Bristol Avon and the Hampshire Avon. We speak to Melvin Wood, who talks to us about the Bristol Avon catchment, and Jim Wreglesworth who works in the Hampshire Avon Catchment. We visit the Great Somerford gauging station and have a tour of the flood defence scheme at Harnham in Salisbury. Watch the videos Part one; part two.
  • Parish Stewards: watch the video.
  • SSEN: Winter preparedness. Watch the video.
  • Environment Agency - FORT - what is it, how will it benefit your community and how to use it.
  • Harnham Flood Defences- A virtual tour of Harnham Flood Defences and how the Environment Agency manages flood risk in the Hampshire Avon Catchment in Wiltshire.
  • Shaw & Whitley Flood Group - A video from the Shaw & Whitley flood group set up following several flooding events in their community. Watch the video.
  • Wessex Water - How they deal and are dealing with Groundwater and sewer flooding. Watch the video.
  • Groundwater - A must for all those communities affected by groundwater, understanding how it works and how it affects our communities.        
  • Planning & Drainage - Explains how the drainage team interacts with the planning system to help reduce flood risk to new developments and their communities. 
  • Building a sandbag wall. Watch the video

If you have any questions or queries or would like assistance in drawing up a flood/and or emergency plan or help and information with anything covered by this event please email and I will endeavour to respond to your query. 

Downloads - Meeting notes

Icon for pdf Salisbury Flood Group August 2017 [89.52KB]

Icon for pdf South Flood Group 15 August 2018 [102.11KB]

Icon for pdf North Flood Group 12 September 2018 [165.24KB]

Icon for pdf South Flood Group 17 October 2018 [214.24KB]

Icon for pdf North Flood Group 21 November 2018 [103.81KB]

Icon for pdf South Flood Group December 12 2018 [106.53KB]

Icon for pdf North Flood group January 7 2019 [124.75KB] 

Icon for pdf South Flood Group February 13 2019 [101.3KB]

Icon for pdf North Flood Group March 13 2019 [132.33KB]

Icon for pdf South Flood Group April 17 2019 [161.86KB]

Icon for pdf North Flood Group May 15 2019 [128.66KB]

Downloads - Town and Parish ditch project 

Environment Agency guidance - owning a watercourse

Icon for pdf Watercourse ditch flood risk [36.47KB]

Icon for pdf First parish letter [27.92KB]

Icon for pdf Second parish letter [29.07KB]