Support for Ukraine

Wiltshire stands with Ukraine

Flag of Ukraine

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Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by the utterly heartbreaking scenes we are seeing in Ukraine, following the country's invasion by Russia.

We'd like to thank everyone locally who is doing what they can to provide support and rallying behind the people of Ukraine, letting them know they are not alone.

Messages from Cllr Richard Clewer, Leader of Wiltshire Council

Portrait of Cllr Richard Clewer

Thank you to our sponsors providing a home for Ukrainian refugees

Firstly, I want to say thank you.

Thank you to the many warm-hearted people of Wiltshire who have offered up their homes for Ukrainian refugees. We are grateful to you for taking that leap of faith and offering your home to people who you do not know but who have touched your heart and you want to help. We know your words are matched with generous actions and you are offering a safe place to stay for many fleeing the ravages of war.

This welcome pack has been designed to help your Ukrainian guest have the information they need to settle in Wiltshire. I'm sure you will find it useful to read as well.

Officers may have already visited your home or are in the process of visiting you to ensure everything is ready for your Ukrainian guests when they arrive. We will also be working with you to provide the £350 a month to you. We will also be in contact with your guests regarding accessing benefits, health and school places.  We hope you find this guide useful too. There is also a government guide for sponsors which has a lot of important information and you can find this at Homes for Ukraine: sponsor guidance - GOV.UK ( along with some frequently asked questions.

Thank you again for your support.

YouTube: Richard Clewer Thank you

Welcome to Ukrainian refugees coming to Wiltshire

Welcome to Wiltshire! I am pleased you are coming to stay in Wiltshire. It's a beautiful place to live and I'm sure you will find people are friendly and welcoming.

My name is Richard Clewer and I'm the leader of Wiltshire Council and as the local authority we are working hard with residents and professional partners to ensure you have what you need for your stay in Wiltshire.

We know this has been a difficult time for you, your family and friends. Having to leave your country and then having to stay in a new place is unsettling and difficult to do.

It is important that you know we will do everything we can to help you settle into Wiltshire. The changes you have had to make have not been easy but please be assured that you are coming to a welcoming place where we will all do what we can to make you feel at home.

We have pulled some important information together which we hope you will find useful. This includes information on health, schools and money and how we will support you during your stay.

Please have a look at the welcome pack for more information -  Welcome pack for Ukrainian refugees (English) (OpenDocument text format) [4MB] (opens new window)  (Welcome pack for Ukrainian refugees)

Also please have a look at the government welcome pack which has a range of advice on health, money, schools and general advice. GOV.UK: Guidance Welcome: a guide for Ukrainians arriving in the UK